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in 2013 we’re getting new films from the Coen Brothers, Spike Jonze, Sofia Coppola, Michel Gondry, Steve McQueen, Jim Jarmusch, Wong Kar-Wai, Martin Scorsese, Hayao Miyazaki, Nicolas Winding Refn, Park Chan-Wook, Alfonso Cuaron, Terry Gilliam, Terrence Malick, Roman Polanski, and Guillermo del Toro

let that sink in for a moment


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Lizzie, Cecilia, Anna.

It´s been fascinating to watch Keira grow as I´ve grown, we´ve kind of grown together. She was eighteen when we made “Pride and prejudice” so she was pretty much a kid. And then we made “Atonement”, she was twenty one or two and now, as she matures, she´s become this incredibly strong woman and utterly fearless as well. Those were the qualities I really wanted to bring to the screen in “Anna Karenina”.

(Joe Wright, Director)

Woody Allen: Gordon was the one who said to me, when we do the split screen with the shrink, I with my shrink and she with another one. He said: “Don’t do split screen, build it. Build a set with a divider in the middle, so you’re both live. It’ll look like a split screen, but it won’t be.” 

Gordon Willis: That was a revelation to him at that point, ‘cause that meant both actors could do the scene without being interrupted with doing half a scene and half a scene and put it together optically.  

“By holding the character back, you’d be doing an injustice to the film and people will feel that you aren’t going after the truth. That was sort of the thing that ignited me into going the way I do with the character. Once I did do even more research, and once I started to watch the documentaries, and read about the sugar plantations; yes, we’re just scratching the surface of what happened in our country. It’s a sore subject matter and it’s a subject matter that should be looked at more often and not shied away from, and I commend Quentin for making a film that combines so many different genres and is as daring as it is at actually making the subject matter entertaining for an audience. It’s a daring concept.”


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The 365 Films Challenge

Short and Sweet Overview: Watch 365 films in the year 2013.

What Is This Challenge?
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to spend the next year delving into the world of film by watching one film that you have never seen before per day.

How Do I Participate?
The extent of how you participate is totally up to you. It is recommended that you post some form of a review, whether it be as simple as a star rating or as extensive as a critical film analysis. Screencaps, graphics and gifs are optional.

When Do We Start?
Like most 365 challenges, the best day to start is January 1st so that you end on December 31st.

What If I Can’t Watch A Film Each Day?
No one is monitoring how you reach 365 films, so if you fall behind or watch ahead a few movies, that is your choice.

How Am I Going To Find 365 Films To Watch?
I suggest signing up for iCheckMovies and start with their top movies lists, or you could ask your friends for recommendations.

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How Am I Supposed to Keep Track of My Films?
Here are a few CSS codes: One, Two, and Three

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Daniel Day-Lewis with Madeleine Stowe and an extra on the set of “The Last of the Mohicans”.

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