The script follows the Tennessee Williams play closely with several small changes. However, there are three notably large alterations of the original plot. The first is the exclusion of Blanche’s late young husband’s homosexuality, which is referred to explicitly in the play, but only obliquely referred to in the movie. In the play, Blanche caught him in bed with another man and she screamed at him, calling him weak, and he killed himself; she blames herself for not understanding his feelings and for his resulting suicide. In the movie, the fact that her husband committed suicide is masked with a line from Blanche that says that “she killed him herself” by leading him to suicide. The second large difference is the rape scene. It is not explicitly shown/described in the play, but it is more obviously alluded to than in the movie. Two of Stanley’s key lines in the scene were omitted from the theatrical release: “Tiger, tiger, drop that bottle top,” which has since been added back to the movie, and “We’ve had this date with each other since the beginning!”, after which Stanley grabs Blanche and hauls her off to the bed. Both of these changes were made for censorship reasons, but they’ve changed the story in some basic ways and led to some confusion, especially about the rape scene, which is key to understanding Stanley’s final breaking of Blanche. The last change from the play is the ending. In the play, Stella stays with Stanley at the end: “He kneels beside her and his fingers find the opening of her blouse.” The reason she left him in the film was that the punishment of the rapist was demanded by the Hollywood moral code.

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