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The Darjeeling Limited - production design by Mark Friedberg

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Songs from Wes Anderson film soundtracks

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On the set of Moonrise Kingdom.


High-Res Version of the new Moonrise Kingdom Promo!

Thank goodness, now I can set it as my desktop wallpaper.

Owen Wilson and Wes Anderson on the set of Rushmore.

Max’s play, “Heaven and Hell,” contains several references to Apocalypse Now.

Director Wes Anderson drummed up publicity the old-fashioned way by traveling across the country in a tour bus that was kitted out with two big screen TVs, two VCRs, a CD player, cellphones, a satellite dish and a Sony Playstation. This largely came about because Anderson hates to fly.

Bill Murray genuinely found Ronnie McCawley and Keith McCawley (the two actors playing his sons and who were very much like their screen characters) annoying and many of the scenes where he lashes out at them and insults them were improvised.